paint portret

“ Soul is as necessary in a painting as body”

Painting and photography.

A logical combination for me.

I love painting.

The abstract, the colors, the composition … I learned all that while studying Fine Arts in the Academy.

Add to that my training as a makeup artist with the famous Juan-Carlos Salazar and you realize that body paint is something I can fully indulge in.

And so it came about that I was asked to paint models or model ‘special’.

The images were more than pictures, they were real works of art.


Meanwhile, I already have a whole portfolio of paint portraits and body paints.

Where I do both the ‘painting’ and the photo shoot.

And I love doing it.


Do you want a ‘unique’ portrait?

Can it be just a little bit different?


Together we will find the perfect setting for your idea.


Agree with my proposal?

Then we set the shoot.

Painting and modeling are charged at an hourly rate, for the photo shoot and editing you pay a fixed price.

Do you want an album or an enlargement afterwards?

Then we will arrange this afterwards.


Oh, and if you give me permission to exhibit your photos, you get a 20% discount on everything.


Who knows, you might even become famous this way.

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