“ The best thing about a picture is that it never changes,
even when the people in it do”



What is editorial photography?

Traditionally, editorial photography means the images accompanying an article in a publication. But editorial photos can also stand alone and outline a story or creative concept.

What is the difference between editorial/editorial and commercial photography?

The goal of editorial photography is to tell a story, while the end goal of a commercial photography project is to tell a brand’s story and connect with a product’s consumer audience.




We create mood boards and work by example or we can go on location with pre-selected outfits.




We are happy to discuss your wishes about the shoot in advance so that we know what direction we are going in.




We work around a theme and discuss this during the consultation.




Professional photo showers are included in your Editorial session. We specialize in the most extensive and detailed editing, focusing on a natural look.

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